About Us

Arkan Toledo has been set up primarily for the purpose of delivering Islamic Special Religious Instruction (SRI) in Victorian state schools. It does so by managing the program, and by recruiting volunteer instructors to provide SRI on a weekly basis at schools across Melbourne and the rest of the state.

The name Arkan Toledo literally means the pillars or foundations of ToledoAfter the time of Muslim SpainToledo was a city that drew scholars from all over the world, Muslim, Christian, and Jew, working side by side to translate scientific and other academic works from Arabic into Latin. The Arabic works were either original or were themselves translations and enhancements of ancient Greek, Persian, Indian, Chinese works. The libraries of Toledo were unparalleled houses of knowledge, and gave Europe the inspiration, the means, and the impetus for the Renaissance.

Through the work of Arkan Toledo, we hope to inspire the youngest generation through knowledge, and help shape a more harmonious future for all today's children by fostering better understanding between all faith communities.