Arkan Toledo is a not-for-profit community organisation specifically established to deliver beneficial programs that are aimed at developing the Australian Muslim community. It will do so by focusing on opportunities to inspire younger members of the community to forge an eloquent and empowering sense of identity through knowledge.

Arkan Toledo is the official provider of Islamic Special Religious Instruction (SRI) at Victorian state schools. Currently Islamic SRI is taught at only a small number of primary schools due to a lack of awareness and resources, highlighting the urgent need to ramp up the delivery of this vital program. With the support of the Victorian Muslim community, Arkan Toledo is dedicated to providing all Victorian Muslim state students with the opportunity to learn about the core tenets and values of their faith.

Arkan Toledo is staffed by volunteers from different walks of life, united in their desire to help the Australian Muslim community achieve its full potential, which ultimately serves the interests of the broader Australian society.