SRI for Instructors

Why become an SRI Instructor?

Without Instructors, there can be no special religious instruction in government schools. Instructors are the backbone of a successful Islamic SRI program. There are currently very few accredited Islamic SRI Instructors.

Islamic SRI is offered at only a handful of Victorian government primary schools. This is due to many reasons, including a general lack of awareness in the Muslim community that the teaching of Islam in schools is allowed. It is estimated that there are between 20,000 - 25,000 Muslim children attending Victorian government schools (primary and secondary). For many of these children, Islamic SRI would represent the only opportunity to be taught about the basics of their faith, including its main tenets, values, and practices. Many families may not be able to send their children to Islamic schools or may prefer government schools, but still wish for their children to have an opportunity to learn about Islam in a well structured class-based context. 

How do I become an SRI Instructor?

All SRI Instructors are volunteers. They must be able to fulfill the requirements as set out below, and they must be prepared to teach at least one 30 minute class per week. In return, SRI Instructors will experience the joy and satisfaction of teaching children about the beautiful religion of Islam - its basic tenets and beliefs, its values and its practices, and its great personalities and history. By doing so, Instructors will play an important role in positively shaping the next generation of Australian Muslims. 

To register your interest in becoming an Instructor, simply complete the Volunteer Registration form. You will then be contacted by a member of Arkan Toledo to progress your application.

Instructors will need to have a completed Working with Children Check, and will need to be accredited by Arkan Toledo and approved by the Minister of Education. With this, they can teach Islamic SRI at any Victorian government school where it is being offered. Arkan Toledo will provide Instructor training.

Alll Instructors will be provided with the lesson material. The curriculum is "teacher friendly" and has been designed so that it can be easily applied by volunteer Instructors. The lessons are structured and easy to teach, and are appropriate for the assigned class.

You don't need to be a qualified teacher nor an expert in Islam to become an SRI Instructor. You just need some basic knowledge of Islam, and have the ability to teach and engage with students in a class room environment.