SRI for Schools

Demand for Islamic SRI

Very few state schools in Victoria offer Islamic SRI, even though it is estimated that there are between 20,000 - 25,000 Muslim students at Victorian government schools (primary and secondary). Some schools may have wanted to introduce Islamic SRI classes due to demand from students and parents but could not do so due to the absence of qualified Instructors. Some schools may not have received requests from parents to facilitate Islamic SRI classes even though the school has Muslim students. Most schools would not have been contacted by the official Islamic SRI Provider and/or Instructor in relation to offering Islamic SRI classes.

This situation is gradually changing, and over the past few years Arkan Toledo has contacted well over 60 primary schools in relation to the possible introduction of Islamic SRI. Arkan Toledo is the official Islamic SRI Provider and is responsible for the management and operational delivery of the program.

What can Schools expect from an Islamic SRI Program?

As an official SRI Provider, Arkan Toledo needs to abide by the relevant legislation and DEECD policy requirements. This means that Instructors will be accredited and approved before they teach. Instructors will have completed Working With Children Checks. Instructors will be teaching from a standard approved Program, a curriculum that has been specifically designed for children and that is structured into age appropriate lessons.

Arkan Toledo asks that schools make every effort to facilitate the teaching of Islamic SRI if there is demand from parents and students, and/or they are contacted by Arkan Toledo in relation to introducing Islamic SRI. Arkan Toledo will work with schools to schedule weekly classes, and will be the point of contact if there are issues that need to be addressed.