SRI for Students

Islamic SRI at your school

As a student at a Victorian state school, you are entitled to receive SRI in your particular faith. Your school may not currently offer SRI of any faith, or may offer Christian SRI but not Islamic SRI. Speak to your parents if you would like to receive Islamic SRI and it is not offered at your school.

It is important to know that even when SRI classes are offered at your school, attendance is not compulsory, and your parents must formally consent to your attendance. You have a choice. If you choose not to attend the SRI class, the school must appropriately supervise you and must ensure that you are engaged in positive independent learning such as self-study or revision. It is also important to know that schools cannot run classes from the curriculum whilst SRI classes are being conducted, so if you attend SRI class, you will not be missing out on any formal classes. 

What will I be taught during SRI?

SRI classes run for 30 minutes classes per week during the school term. The Islamic SRI curriculum contains age appropriate lessons covering a range of important topics, including stories from the Holy Quran and the life of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (pbuh). The curriculum has been designed specifically for children, and as such, the lesson material is relevant to childrens' lives and their world. The lessons will be interactive and students can ask as many questions as they like during the class.

Not only will students learn about the basic tenets of their religion and what it means to be a Muslim, but they will also have fun doing it. And with this knowledge, students will be better able and more confident to answer their friends' questions about Islam.